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Horizontal Well
Interpretation Software

Key Features
Licensing is adaptable to the needs of your company. Drill one well or thousands.

Onsite training and 24/7 live support

Designed by a geologist with over 16 years' horizontal drilling experience, these are the goals which BORESIGHT was designed to meet:

  • Full functionality for all common horizontal well interpretation needs
  • Transparent and intuitive learning and operating process -- no hidden buttons; interpreter time devoted to geology, not program manipulation
  • Stability -- minimized susceptibility to interpreter error or input data error
  • "Correctability" - any interpreted data must be easily re-interpreted at any time without requiring reinterpretation of entire project.
  • Input Flexibility - must be able to handle variations in input file formats
  • Output Flexibility - must be able to easily alter display and output scales, lines attributes,to-scale print & plot, CSV Tabular Output, Multiple Screen Capture Options, External 3-D Viewer at any time without interrupting work flow
  • Completely portable and PC based

Fully Capable on Windows 8, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7
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